Waterway 56f 4HP Wet End Assembly (2.5x2)
Waterway 56f 4HP Wet End Assembly (2.5x2)
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Type of Product: Wet end assembly
Manufacturer: Waterway
Connections: 2.5 (intake) x 2 inch (outlet) Waterway unions. Both suction and pressure have a flat smooth connection meaning that the o'ring would be attached to the union sleeve. The wet end fixes to the pump body with 4 x small bolts, this part holds the female receptacle part of this attachment. The impellor is screwed on to the shaft which protrudes from the centre of the pump body.
Dimensions: Length: 230 mm
Width: 200 mm (diameter of main face)
Depth: 145 mm (from face of intake to end of fixing spigot as pictured)
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Additional Notes:

Complete wet end assembly. This unit includes the housing, the face plate, the face plate o-ring, the 4.0hp impellor and the ceramic seal kit. This unit also includes 3 built in bleed screws.

Although this wet end is labelled as 4HP it is commonly fitted to our 2HP Waterway pumps and sold as a 2HP as a complete pump.

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