Starter Pack Bypass Kit for Vian Heat Pump
Starter Pack Bypass Kit for Vian Heat Pump
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Codigo del articulo: PL-VP100

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Type of Product: Bypass Kit
Manufacturer: Vian
Box Quantity: 1
Most Common Size Reference: 2 " / 1.5"
Items Included:

x2 PL-10271, x2 PL-EA124, x6 PL-10062, x6 PL-10063, x6 PL-10060, x6 PL-10160, x6 PL-10061, x12 PL-10069, x6 PL-10066, x12 PL-10292, x1 PL-11504, x1 PL-10322, x6 PL-EA093, x10 PL-10042, xP L10142, x6 PL10043, x6 PL-10040, x6 PL-10041, X12 PL-10044, X12 PL10290, x30 PL11404, x6 PL-10321, x6 PL-10027, x6 PL10028, x6 PL-10026, x6 PL-10025, x30 PL-10310, x1 PL10320, x4  PL-10353, x2 PL-10410, x2 PL-10414, x2 PL-10404, x1 PL-10210, x1 PL-10211

Colour / Finish: White (Depending on manufacturer, some parts can be grey)
Commonly Used With: Vian Heat Pumps
Additional Notes:

  - Please note these are the most commonly used plumbing parts to plumb in an air source heat pump, however following a site survey you may        find you need additional plumbing.

  - There are more parts in the pack, than is showing in the image.