Slimlite 7 colour LED bath light 52mm OD
Slimlite 7 colour LED bath light 52mm OD
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Type of Product: 7 colour LED bath light
Function: Changes through different colours to create perfect mood lighting.
Power: 50/60hZ, 230Vac from bath control unit down to 12Vac by time it is mounted to the wall of the bath "Zone 0". It has its own in line 230V - 12V transformer.The light fitting itself is IPX8 as per BS:7671.
Connection: The primary supply cable is double insulated meaning you only have a live and neutral to connect to your control box.
Dimensions: Length: 40mm (main body, does not include domed lens or cable connection)
Diameter: 52 mm
Additional Notes: Comes with 1.5m of cable in total. You can add more than one light to your bath for extra effect.
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