Marquis Spa Ozone Mazzei Injecter
Marquis Spa Ozone Mazzei Injecter
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Type of Product: Ozone Injecter
Manufacturer: Marquis
How it Works: The Ozone does not blow air, air is drawn through the Ozone on a venturi system. Usually, you will find a designated water jet plumbed into the shell of the Hot Tub somewhere near the centre or sometimes a drain. Water will pass through the jet sucking in air through the Ozone injector which will be connected to the Ozone.
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Connections / Fixings: 3/4 inch barb style connections both ends to connect to the water line. It also has a 3/8 inch barb style connector to connect the air pipe from the Ozone. Best to use 2 small metal clips or jubilee clips to hold in place as well as glue.
Dimensions: Length: 150 mm
Diameter: 75 mm
Additional Notes: The top part is removable to clean away scale and dirt build up, this should always be done on a full annual service to help with air flow.