Balboa Ozone CD with Chip
Balboa Ozone CD with Chip
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Type of Product: Ozone Generator
Manufacturer: Balboa
Power: Volts: 230
Hz: 50
How it Works: This Ozone activates, usually, during a pre-programmed filter cycle, some Hot Tubs have a 24hr circulation and Ozone mode. We recommend that your Ozone should run for between 6 and 8 hours a day. The unit does not blow air, air is drawn through the Ozone on a venturi system. Usually, you will find a designated water jet plumbed into the shell of the Hot Tub somewhere near the centre or sometimes a drain. Water will pass through the jet sucking in air through the Ozone injector which will be connected to the Ozone. During a filter cycle, the Ozone unit will be powered up, the Corona Discharge mechanism will kick in and charge the oxygen with Ozone which enters the tub and in turn, helps to kill bacteria with the aid of the sanitizer in the water.
Compatible With: This unit can be fitted to virtually any Hot Tub with a venturi system. This unit replaces the older style UV cylinder style unit. Can be used with Spaform, Aegean, Leisurerite, Leisure Bay, Hotspring, Sundance, Marquis, Master Spa, Signature, Southwest Spas, Hydrospa, Hydropool, QCA, Sunset, Sunrise, Sunbelt, Beechcoomber, LA Spas, Dimension 1, Saratoga, Emerald Spa, Sapphire Spas and more...
Connections / Fixings: Usually screws to an upright up as high as it can go. We advise that there should be a double air loop with a one-way valve (included) to stop water passing back through. The Ozone pipe is clear and can usually insert into a 3/8 inch air pipe connected to your venturi system, this will push fit on to the Ozone unit. The ozone comes with a 3-wire, 4-pin AMP cord but can easily be swapped over with your original cable or by the adapter in related items below if needed.
Dimensions: Length: 160 mm
Width: 130 mm
Depth: 70 mm
Additional Notes: Life span is generally 2-3 years depending on use

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