2.5 inch Slide Gate Valve (S x Spg)
2.5 inch Slide Gate Valve (S x Spg)
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Codigo del articulo: PL-10197

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Type of Product: Gate Valve / Slide Valve / Shut off valve
Specifications: Socket x Spigot
Most Common Size Reference: 2.5 inch
Dimensions: Outer Length:
Outer Height:
Outer Depth:
Internal Diameter:
Commonly Used With: 2.5 inch rigid pipe and 2.5 inch flexible rigid pipe.
Additional Notes:

Used to isolate a section of pipe work usually for easy access maintenance purposes. As this is a male / female fitting it means you can fit it straight into a pump union without the need of additional pipe work.

Due to low sales we will not be selling this product after the current stock has run out.

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